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GB Lin-Speed Oil Gun Stock Finish Review

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Photo of GB Lin-Speed Oil Two-Ounce Jar

Photo of GB Lin-Speed Oil Two-Ounce Jar

Photo courtesy of Lin-Speed, Inc.

The Bottom Line

I found Lin-Speed Oil to be a little less intuitive to work with than Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil, and the results are not the same. But it produced a nice matte finish on the old walnut stock, which has gotten compliments whenever I've shown the finished gun to folks, so it definitely works. I wrote an article with many photos of the finishing process, where you can read about the process and see the results for yourself.

All in all, it's a good product, made in the USA by a small company, and it works.

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  • Made in USA.
  • Produces a true oil finish within the wood, not on top of it.
  • The final matte finish really does look great.
  • Goes a long way - one small jar will do many gun stocks.


  • If you want a glossy finish, look elsewhere.
  • Slow to dry - manufacturer says that even when it's "technically dry," it may remain tacky for days.
  • My project took many coats and many days to complete.


  • Oil to be used for wood finishing. Works well on gun stocks, and the manufacturer recommends it for "all fine woodwork."
  • Available in a two-ounce jar, which is enough to do many gun stocks.
  • Produces a matte oil finish that goes below the surface of the wood.
  • It may be possible to produce a glossy finish by thinning the oil with mineral spirits, according to Lin-Speed literature I've seen.

Guide Review - GB Lin-Speed Oil Gun Stock Finish Review

I first used Lin-Speed Oil many years ago, when I refinished my first gun stock. The results were poor, so I turned to Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil for subsequent projects. I finally gave Lin-Speed another chance when I overhauled a derelict Winchester 94, and I'm glad I did.

While the project was time-consuming in every way (I also refinished the gun itself), the results were good and I consider this to be a good product for anyone who wants a true matte oil finish.

I spent a lot of time refinishing this stock, and took many photos as I went. In the end, I put together a photo-rich article about the gun stock refinishing project so folks can see the process and results for themselves.

When I want a glossy finish, I'll look elsewhere, particularly to Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil, because it's been so good to me over the years, but for a nice deep matte oil finish, Lin-Speed does a real good job.

- Russ Chastain

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