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Barrel Crown (noun)


Photo of crown on a custom rifle barrel.

This photo shows the crown on a custom rifle barrel. This crown is recessed, to help protect it from damage.

Photo © Russ Chastain
Definition: The crown of a gun barrel is the front, or muzzle, end of the rifling. Naturally, it only refers to rifled barrels, as are found in most rifles, pistols, and revolvers. Any deformation of the rifling at the end of the bore can result in poor accuracy, so the muzzle of the gun may be shaped in a variety of ways to protect that vital area known as the crown.

Sometimes, "crown" is used as a verb, but it refers to the same thing: To cut or otherwise shape a crown on a rifled gun barrel.

Pronunciation: krown
Also Known As: Muzzle
Take care not to damage the crown of a rifled barrel, because this can really mess up its accuracy.
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