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Can You Give me Information on a Smith & Wesson Model 1500 Rifle?


Question: Can You Give me Information on a Smith & Wesson Model 1500 Rifle?

Russ, can you give me any information on a used rifle I am interested in buying? It is a bolt action S & W model 1500 in .243 cal. It also has a Burris scope in 6 x 18. What is this setup possibly worth, any input would be appreciated.

Answer: Howdy Dave,

The S&W 1500 was made in Japan by Howa. Howa enjoys a good reputation for making good rifles, and the 1500 should be no exception. FYI, there was also a Mossberg 1500, which was essentially the same rifle, made by the same folks. After Mossberg dropped the 1500, Weatherby began marketing the same rifle under the Vanguard name. The Howa 1500 is also essentially the same rifle.

In 243, it would be worth less to me personally, because I don't have a practical use for such a tiny cartridge. And much depends on the condition of the rifle.

According to the 2005 Blue Book of Gun Values and The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices 2007, at the top end of the scale in like-new condition with all paperwork and original box and not a mark on it, it would be worth $300-$350. In poor (60%) condition, $125-$160 is the given price. 95% condition, $250-$300. This is in terms of a rifle for sale in the USA, in US dollars, and is only a guideline.

What About the Scope? For the scope, price a comparable new scope on the Web to see how much to allow for it. If I really wanted a rifle/scope combo, I might allow 50% of the scope's retail replacement value - but usually I don't consider a scope to add much real (i.e. recoup-able) value to a rifle when I'm buying. Then again, most rifles I've bought have come with crappy scopes that aren't worth their original price, much less any resale value.

Good luck!

- Russ Chastain


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