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Why Own a Gun?

Reasons to Own a Gun, Continued


Because the Founding Fathers Wanted me to

This is another excellent reason to own a gun and to be well-versed in its use. The folks who founded the USA felt strongly that its citizens should be armed - and ready to use those arms at any time.

Anti-freedom gun-haters like to argue that we the people should not own guns, and that the Second Amendment is all about the military. Nothing could be farther from the truth! A considerable number of the American Founding Fathers did not even approve of our having an established army, lest a future President should use it against his own people.

How, then, can anyone honestly believe that these men - who were against the establishment of a standing army - went to the trouble of amending the Constitution to protect the rights of a government-established militia? It's absurd.

Our Founding Fathers wanted the American people to be armed and skilled in the use of arms - more for protection against a totalitarian government than anything else.

It's important to remember that gun ownership is the one human right which can ensure that other human rights will not be violated. An armed populace cannot be forced to concede its freedoms of speech, worship, etc. It's the fear of retaliation that keeps the corruptive nature of political power from sweeping our land with overwhelming force... whether it be retaliation at the ballot box, or at the hands of armed citizens. The truth may be ugly at times, but that doesn't make it any less true.

As an Investment

Guns rarely decline in value, provided they are bought at a non-inflated price and are not abused or heavily used... and some poppers may rise dramatically in value over just a few years' time. Some folks see certain guns as an investment, and are content to prop them in a corner and let their value grow.

Historical Reasons

Some gun owners like guns merely for their historical value. Perhaps a certain gun which has been celebrated in history, such as the old Kentucky rifle or the original Colt Peacemaker revolver, may pique a collector's sense of history. Still others prefer military arms, which have definite significance to those of us whose families have served in the military during wartime.

Many guns are pieces of history as much as they are tools for game-getting or self-preservation. It's important to preserve that history, lest we forget.

Interest in The Mechanics of Firearms

Most firearms are mechanical marvels. They are fine machines, which - like any other machine - perform a job. Like a fine car or truck, they often combine engineering genius with raw power, with results that many people would consider beautiful... even while others shake their heads in wonder because they just don't get it.

Nay-sayers aside, there's no denying that most guns are fine machines - and fine-tuned ones at that. Sheer appreciation of this may drive more than one admirer to own them for that reason alone.

My Own Reasons

For me, my reasons include most of those outlined above... though I'm unlikely to buy a gun simply to set it aside and not use it. I own and use guns for hunting, target shooting, clay busting, and self defense, as well as just plain exercising my right to protect myself against any and all oppressors. And although I know there are people in the world who hate me for owning guns, I really don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Let your reasons be your own... we Americans are still free to do as we choose, to some extent. Don't let politicians, TV news anchors, me, or anyone else do your thinking for you.

I highly recommend gun ownership, but you get to make your own choice. Just don't tread on me if you don't agree... some serpents still have fangs.

- Russ Chastain

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