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Top Shot Season 4 Episode 9: It's all About Rifles

From Extreme Long Shots to 1800s Technology, Two Shooters are Eliminated


April 10, 2012

Chee loves Gabby. Yep. And I think she loves him back. How sweet!

When the teams showed up for practice - the pathetic three-member blue team and the strapping five-member red team - the teams were dissolved. Finally, less politics and more performance. I was glad to see that Gabby made it to the green-shirt stage... turns out, she's the first woman to do so.

Speaking of green shirts, am I the only one who realizes that polo shirts ain't jerseys? Wake up, Colby.

Long Shot Practice

The gun they trained with was the Accuracy International AX338 rifle, a British product chambered for the well-respected 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. It looked like a good rifle and I'd be happy to fire it.

Someone called this rifle "sexy." I have news for him - that gun is a lot of things, but sexy it ain't. Sounds like someone has spent way too many nights alone with his Brownell's and Cabela's catalogs...

Speaking of un-good, one of the two trainers this week was George Reinas, the loudmouth crybaby showboat from Top Shot Season 2. Bleah. Oh and gee whiz, Greg said he knows George. No surprise there. But Kelly - another former Top Shot contestant - was also a trainer and I liked him fine.

Kelly said good things about Chris, and George talked nice about Gabby. And Gabby shot the tightest group, which made me smile.

The Long Shot

At the actual challenge, we found out that they'd be shooting at a thirty-inch round target at a whopping 1500 yards, using the AX338. Each shooter would have ten minutes and twenty rounds of ammo with which to hit the target. The faster you hit it, the better off you are. The fastest 4 were safe; the shooter in last place was immediately eliminated, and the other three were eligible for elimination nomination.

Watching them shoot, I really wanted to slide in behind that gun and give it a try. I know there is video editing, and that is almost always done by people who neither know nor care about guns, but it sure looked as if some shooters were all over while others kept hitting in approximately the same place. Anyhow, I sure wouldn't mind stretching out and giving it a try sometime.

At the end, Augie came in first and was followed by Chee, Gary, Greg, William, Kyle, Chris, and Gabby - in that order. Sadly, this meant that Gabby was sent home right away, which was turned into a tear-jerker for the sake of her relationship with Chee. Chee - dude, make sure you have her number and get your head back in the game.

Strange that the two shooters who had the best comments from the trainers came in last and second to last.


After the challenge, Kyle decided and announced that it would be him and Chris. Chris had second thoughts but didn't speak them. When it came time to vote, William ran his mouth (something he excels at) and said he figured he could shoot in a mediocre way and still come out on top. That talk ticked Chris off, so Chris voted for William. Greg saw a chance and voted for William also, causing a tie between William and Kyle. Chris was definitely going, because he had three votes.

Shoot Off

To break the tie, Kyle and William each shot a single shot at a target. Whoever hit closest to the center was safe. William ("hey diddle diddle right down the middle") fired first - not in the middle. Kyle followed, and calmly placed a shot very close to the bullseye.

Thanks, Kyle - I really enjoyed the laugh that gave me.

Next, we had to hear more big shot talk from William about how he's gonna take out everyone. Meh. Shut up!


At elimination practice, they found out they'd be using the 1860 Henry rifle. Neither Chris nor William had fired a lever action rifle. Wow. I forget that not everyone is as fortunate as I.

The competition was head to head, both of them shooting at a series of 15 targets. William gained an early lead - and I feel he had an unfair advantage because his orange targets were easier to see than Chris's blue ones - and I really thought he had it sewed up and that it was all over but the gloating. But he uncharacteristically began to unravel towards the end, and although it was all tied up with one target left, Chris managed to squeak by with a win.

Go Chris! Getting rid of that egotistical son of a gun was a very good thing.

Next week: SWAT stuff.

- Russ Chastain

Be sure to vote in this week's Top Shot poll!

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