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Top Shot Season 4 Episode 8: Old British Guns

Webley Mark VI Revolver and Lee-Enfield Mark III Bolt-Action Rifle


April 3, 2012

We began this week's episode by recapping blue team's failure last week, and William's cockiness and lack of performance. Then when the show began, the blue folks were trying to get along - but I didn't buy it.

Team Challenge Practice

For team challenge training, season one winner Iain Harrison was brought in. The reason? He's British, and so was the revolver they were using: The Webley Mark VI. The Webley Mark VI is a big, heavy, blonky gun, built to be tough and reliable. Iain called it "the finest fighting revolver ever made," but I'm not sure I buy that.

Everything about the Webley is heavy, including the double action trigger pull. It was so tough that red team's Gabby couldn't pull it at all.

Iain said blue team was more confident but less cohesive, and that they lacked practice in loading & unloading the gun. This seemed to be a harbinger of things to come.

Team Challenge

Each team was faced with 30 jars on a large moving frame, which moved from side to side. Each shooter would run up, load, and fire 6 shots. Then the next person would go and do the same thing. The first team to break all the jars is the winner.

Blue team began by sucking, and never did change that strategy. They still had 12 targets remaining when red team broke their 30th jar to win the challenge.

Nomination talk

The stats show that Augie was the very worst shooter of the day, hitting only 3 jars with 12 shots. Greg, however, performed as usual - meaning that he was in some fantasy land in which Augie hit 7 targets. Say what??? Greg also spit out some other lies, claiming that Terry hit 4 when he really hit 6, and that William only hit 2 although he actually busted 4. That guy is whacked.

William and Terry tied for second place with a 1/3 hit rate, and Greg actually shot the best, breaking 5 jars with 12 shots. But Terry volunteered to go and the facts had nothing to do with their other elimination choice, so they ended up sending Greg and Terry to shoot it out.

At this point, there's no doubt who I'm rooting for - and it ain't Greg. He's a crybaby and he says stuff that ain't so, and I don't like that.


After the old British handgun, they continued the trend with an old British long gun: The Lee-Enfield Mark III bolt action rifle. Training seemed to go equally well for each man, and both apparently refused to adopt the interesting speed-shooting methods offered to them by their trainer (Iain again).

Mad Minute

There was a 24-inch steel target placed 200 yards downrange. Each shooter was given five minutes to load stripper clips and get situated in the prone position with the rifle before a timer began to count down one minute. During that minute, the shooter's job was to rapidly put as many rounds as possible onto that target. Each hit is a point, and in the case of a tie the shooter who used the fewest rounds will win.

Greg went first, and he hit 6. I was feeling good about Terry's chances - until Terry began shooting. He missed a lot, and barely managed to tie Greg's score of 6. Sadly, he burned 14 rounds while Greg only fired 11, so Greg won his third elimination challenge. Argh!

Next week: No mo' teams, and a very long shot.

- Russ Chastain

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