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Top Shot Season 4 Episode 7: Trick Shots and Cocky Teammates

Bowling Pins, Bottle Openers, Paint Cans, and Gumballs


March 27, 2012

Well, there wasn't much to get excited about this week.

In the intro, an attempt was made to make us wonder if red team was going down. After all, they'd lost two challenges in a row. I didn't really buy into Colby's comment that "they're starting to fall apart," though.

Team Challenge

The team challenge looked interesting, though not to a very large extent. The guns were the Remington 1911R1 and the Volquartsen 22 semi-auto rifle. Bowling pins had to be directed with the pistol, and some very precise shots made with the rifle.

Bottle openers were set up on soda bottles, and when hit by a rifle each would open its bottle. Kind of cool if you like to see wasted soda spewing out of a bottle. The other rifle portion was shooting gumballs off of golf tees. Challenging, for sure.

Red team's practice apparently went smoothly, but blue had problems. William really wanted to stick to shooting the bowling pins but after everyone else on his team did poorly with the rifle (Greg "Friendship Bracelet" Littlejohn seemed to do the worst), William was recruited to take the most challenging shots. His cocky attitude seemed to rub everyone the wrong way - and I'm sure I would have felt the same way. Sometimes folks forget the need to just shut up and get the job done.

At the challenge, blue team started losing early on and rapidly slid into a pit of despair. Augie hit 2 out of 3 shots, while nobody else hit more than one. Dylan, whose job it was to launch and shoot flying paint cans, missed every time. William failed to hit 3 of the 4 gumballs he was presented with, cementing red team's win.

"Hey diddle diddle right down the middle?" Not quite. He crashed and burned in that challenge.


Back at the house, Dylan volunteered to go and said he wanted to go against William. He said what everyone else was thinking, though nobody publicly stepped forth to back him up on it. William whined in his sidebar interviews, but nobody cared - including me.

At the nomination range, William decided to get cocky and fire one-handed - but his thunder became a whimper when he forgot to release the safety on the gun. Ha!

Dylan got his wish, and went up against William.

William talked some more smack about his teammates, saying, "I'm 'onna send each and every one of 'em home by myself if I have to." Blah blah - I say, shut up and let your actions speak for you. He couldn't stop bragging about himself; it made me want to puke.


Anyhow, the practice involved two semi-automatic pistols: the Browning Buckmark and the Sig Sauer P229. At practice, William clearly had the advantage. That carried through into elimination, when Dylan failed miserably and William did very well.

I don't like Dylan much, but William is much more aggravating. Ah well, he will go away eventually also.

- Russ Chastain

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