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Top Shot Season 4 Episode 4: Crossbows, Moving Targets, and Love

Two Shooters Emerge From Elimination With Something in Common


March 6, 2012

Well, this week's show had some definite ups and downs.

Blue team just isn't a cohesive unit. We already knew that, but it was made more clear when Greg Littlejohn put a silly bandanna and a couple shotgun shells on Michelle's target after she was sent packing in last week's episode. Turns out, Greg, Michelle, and Dylan had some adolescent bandanna club. Whee! Let's wear bandannas and ride unicorns! Or something like that.

Terry gave a stirring(?) speech about team unity to the remnant of blue team, and there was some indication that it was well received.

Team Training

At training, the teams found out they'd be shooting a crossbow. Particularly, the Stryker Strykezone 350. Claiming a 135-pound draw weight and 350 feet per second, this crossbow is... well, it's a crossbow. I've used several crossbows and I even own one (a cheap Barnett Wildcat C5), and they can be powerful and fun, but they're not really all that exciting once the novelty wears off.

Using a rope aid to cock a crossbow is simple and easy, but some shooters seemed to struggle with it. Incidentally, the rope can also be used to uncock, or de-cock, a crossbow. It's much better for the bow than firing it.

Anyhow, practice went fine and there was no clear leader between the two teams.

Team Challenge

The team challenge featured moving targets. At each team's station was a spinning target holder with six spaces to hold targets. Starting with one target in round one, a new target was added with each round, up to a maximum of six targets. Two shooters (one from each team) would shoot head-to-head, scoring one point per hit, and the first shooter in each round to hit all of his or her targets ended the round.

Blue team chose Tim to sit out the challenge, just because he had used a crossbow before. Those guys bug me, and I found myself hoping they would lose.

Red team likes to laud how they "communicate." During the competition, it sounded to me as if they simply talk too much. If I had been on the firing line, I think I would have felt better if Tim had simply shut up.

Here's how the scoring went:

Round 1 blue 1 red 0
Round 2 blue 2 red 0
Round 3 blue 2 red 3
Round 4 blue 2 red 4
Round 5 blue 2 red 5
Round 6 blue 5 red 4

As you can see, blue started out strong - and kept some of the rounds pretty close - but red team secured a victory, much to my happiness.


During the blue team's discussion after the loss, Colin took responsibility. The way things were presented, it appeared that Greg pretended to take responsibility while also trying to throw Terry under the bus. In the end, Greg and Colin went to elimination.

Elimination Training

This time, the theme that remained the same was that the targets would be moving. The tool changed from a crossbow to a pistol - the S&W M&P 40 semi-automatic, that is.

Training was handled by Julie Golob, holder of 35 world and national titles. On her website, she's billed as the "first & only six division USPSA national champion." And, she's a hunter. But don't get too excited, single guys - she's happily married and goes on "hunt dates" with her man. Lucky dog.

Greg went first and he was very nervous. Colin was less accurate. Julie said it was too close to call between the two guys, and she was right.

Elimination Challenge: "Tick Tock"

Ten ever-smaller targets were arranged in a pendulum, which only exposed itself for one swing at a time - and shooters had to shoot a steel target to trigger each swing.

I was rooting for Colin, but Greg started out strong. I figured Colin as done for but then Greg hit a period of "spray and pray" shooting and it looked like Colin might make it yet. Sadly, though, that was not the case.

And then things got weird.

Colin approached Greg to congratulate him and say good-bye. Greg told him to hang on, and began to untie a bandanna from his wrist, which he then tied onto Colin's wrist. What the-? In voice-over, Greg said "I wanted to give Colin somethin' so he can walk with his head high." Oh gee maninny willikers! Is Greg 12? But even at age 12 I think most of us were more mature than that.

In wonder and disgust, Augie said, "A 31-year-old man gave a 36-year-old man a friendship bracelet." LMAO! (Sorry... I don't usually lower myself to webspeak in my writing, but I couldn't help it this time.)

Greg's comment when Colby questioned him about it? "I may have taken him out, but he's not goin' somewhere without a piece o' me."

Colin was clearly less than thrilled at being presented with what he called "a dirty bandanna."

Next week: Muzzleloading flintlock pistols and more nervous freeze-ups from Greg. Joy.

- Russ Chastain

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