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Obama Gun Control - Lightning Assault on Freedom and Gun Owners

Obama and Cohorts Didn't Waste Any Time Restricting Americans' Freedoms


Updated February 02, 2011
Obama and gun control. Sadly, they seem to go together like peas in a pod.

Under the Obama administration, gun control has already proven to be right at the top of the agenda. That was made quite clear when his new Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced their intention to permanently reinstate the so-called "assault" weapons ban that expired in 2004. And that is certainly not the first indication of Obama's anti-gun stance. He has a record of opposing our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Is anyone surprised? They shouldn't be. Obama's anti-gun history is well-known.

During his campaign, Obama told voters, "I have no intention of taking away folks' guns." He was apparently lying. At a news conference he stated that "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear... I think people can take me at my word."

I really don't think we can. Remember, this is the same man who felt the Washington, DC, handgun ban was Constitutional, before that ban was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. After that, in June 2008, he said the handgun ban "went beyond Constitutional limits." He also denied having ever said the handgun ban was Constitutional, although previously in February 2008 he had agreed - on video - that he had said that. Not only has he been evasive, he apparently has come down on the side of this issue which infringes our rights.

Note: A number of videos proving these things have been removed from YouTube since this article was published. Hmmm. The "Stimulus" Bill

In less than two months under Obama, the Federal government has produced much that We the People should be concerned about. The much-talked-about "stimulus" bill is a huge expansion of government power. It was quickly pushed through Congress without enough time for legislators to properly review it, yet it infringes on our rights and privacy.

Do you feel comfortable making your medical records available to the government? I sure don't, but it's now the law of the land. I believe this will lead to government attempts to ban guns from folks who have sought (or will seek) treatment for certain conditions. This has already been done to our military veterans, via HR 2640 (the "Veterans Disarmament Act"), which became law in 2007 and permanently strips gun ownership rights from U.S. military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, or who have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - and these aren't the only conditions that allow the government to disarm our vets.

Gun Owners of America reported that even before HR 2640 became law, "up to 140,000 veterans [had] ALREADY BEEN DISARMED by using twisted interpretations of the federal code [emphasis in original]. That figure was released... by Congress' own research team -- the Congressional Research Service."

I believe this policy of disarmament could be easily applied to all citizens of the USA -- and that some in the Federal government wish to do so.

Also written into law with this "stimulus" is a provision which many believe will result in millions of dollars' worth of government funding of liberal organizations such as ACORN. Besides their history of voter fraud and staunch support of anti-gun candidates (although they're supposedly non-partisan), they have pushed anti-gun measures in the past, and may now continue to do so on the taxpayers' dime.

As I said, this is now law. And more has been pushed for, and come dangerously close to becoming law. There's a land bill, S. 22, which would expand the umbrella of land covered by the National Park Service. Because NPS bans gun possession on most of its land, this creates huge new areas of the US in which it would be illegal to have a gun - including 650 miles of public highways turned into an anti-gun zone by designating it a "historic trail." (The route would run from Rhode Island to Virginia, including portions of U.S. Route 1 and Interstate 95, and would pass through a number of metropolitan areas.)

(As of March, 2009, S. 22 had passed the Senate, but failed in the House. Let's hope it stays dead.)

Beware HR 45

Most far-reaching and blatant of all the recently-proposed anti-gun legislation is HR 45, which at press time has been referred to committee in the House of Representatives. HR 45 is incredible in its breadth and depth. It would create a government database of gun owners, make you a criminal if you don't register your gun(s), criminalize the act of moving your residence without reporting it to the government, require a photo ID gun license, requires a thumbprint, training, and disclosure of gun storage method, would make a criminal of you if your gun is lost or stolen and you don't report it - and on top of all that, it would require each gun owner to pay a fee for all of this reaming! There's more, but you get the idea.

It was introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (born in Georgia, now a politician in Illinois). Rush was a founding member of the Black Panthers, a militant racist organization which advocated the use of violence to further pro-black, anti-white, pro-Marxist agendas. Hardly the racial equality that many Obama supporters dream about. (Rush's racism continues, and as recently as late 2008 he attempted to secure a Senate seat for Roland Burris by "playing the race card." A YouTube video of this has been removed... hmmm, now why would that be?)

Apparently, Rush still wishes to impose totalitarian - some say Marxist - measures upon the American people. HR 45 is a mass of un-Constitutional, anti-freedom garbage that would strip from the People our ability to actually defend ourselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Believe me, folks, this is not about crime control. If criminals could be controlled by gun laws, past legislation would have done so. They can't, and it hasn't.

The only way HR 45 is about crime is that it's been introduced by a convicted criminal, in a criminal attempt to oppress Americans. Rush served six months in jail in 1969 - ironically, as the result of illegal weapons charges.

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