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Firearms Manufacturers and Importers

Firearms manufacturers and importers. Covers both cartridge and muzzleloading guns, and conversion kits as well.

.22 Conversions - Johnathan Arthur Ciener
These folks offer conversions for rifles and handguns, allowing you to shoot low-cost .22 ammo in your gun, rather than burning up the high-dollar "real thing."

Accu-tek Firearms (Excel Industries)
As of April, 2004 it looks like this ocmpany makes just one pistol (semi-auto 380 Model At-380 II) and a steel target stand.

Accuracy International
Precision target and tactical sniper rifles and accessories.

AR-7 Industries
These folks make the original AR-7 and AR-20 takedown "survival" rifles.

Armalite makes civilian-legal military-style and survival arms, as well as scopes, mounts, rifle components, accessories, etc.

Barret Firearms Manufacturing
These folks say: "Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has become the premier manufacturer of .50 Caliber rifles since the introduction of the M82 semiautomatic rifle."

These folks are well-known for their repeating shotguns. They have also developed a semi-auto centerfire hunting rifle that looks odd but is reputed to feel and shoot well.

This well-known company offers pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

Bowen Classic Arms
These folks call themselves "revolver makers," although they're apparently more than that. They're pistolsmiths, dedicated to Colt, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson revolvers.

John M. Browning may have been the most prolific gun designer of all time. He invented the .45 automatic that Colt is famous for, and many other guns.

Bullberry Barrel Works
These folks specialize in guaranteed-accurate barrels for Thompson/Center Encores and Contenders, and custom rifles. Stocks and blanks also available.

Bushmaster Firearms
These folks make AR15 rifles and other types as well, plus upper and lower receivers, bullpup rifles, and other gun parts.

Clark Custom Guns, Inc.
These folks make custom conversions for rifles, revolvers, and pistols. They also offer grips, videos, and more.

This is the official Web site for Colt. Sam Colt invented the revolver, and the company now makes rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

CVA (Connecticut Valley Arms)
CVA imports both traditional and inline muzzleloaders, bullets and accessories.

Dixie Gun Works
This company has been around for years. These folks are "specialists in muzzleloading & rare antique gun supplies."

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc.
These folks say they "offer custom products and services plus off-the shelf discounts for shooting and hunting enthusiasts. Specialist in Thompson Center Arms, Ruger 10/22, varmint and big game bolt action rifles, single shot falling block rifles and handguns, IHMSA silhouette guns, muzzle brakes, French Gray finishing, and electrolytic engraving."

EAA (European American Armory)
Pistols, revolvers, long guns, airguns, parts, conversion kits, and more. EAA typically imports from various overseas manufacturers.

Ed Brown Products
These folks offer custom rifles, custom 1911-style pistols, 1911 parts, optics, and gunsmithing services.

Semi-auto and over/under shotguns and accessories. Imported by Benelli.

Freedom Arms, Inc.
These folks are well-known for their revolvers.

Gamo Precision Airguns
Since the 1880s, Gamo has been making airguns. Air rifles, pistols, revolvers, scopes & mounts, "ammo" and supplies.

Semi-automatic pistols, accessories, knives, and more.

Heckler & Koch, Inc.
This is the U.S. affiliate of the world famous firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH, of Oberndorf, Germany. Civilian and military arms.

Hi-Point Firearms
Hi-Point Firearms manufactures semi-automatic handguns in several calibers, as well as semi-automatic carbines. They say that "all Hi-Point Firearms are made in the USA with no imported components or parts."

Hill Country Rifle Company
These folks build custom and semi-Custom rifles, accurize factory rifles, and provide general gunsmithing services (such as rebarrelling, muzzle brakes, and various finishes) for bolt action rifles. Stock work may also be available.

Ithaca Gun
Ithaca guns have been around since the 1880's. Their famous models 37s, which eject out the bottom, have been popular for many years now.

Kahr Arms
Auto pistols and accessories such as holsters, sights, and parts.

These folks make rifles, shotguns, sights, 1911-style pistols, and more.

Legacy Sports International
This company is an importer and distributor of sporting rifles and shotguns. Products include Howa M1500 Rifles and barreled Actions, Ultralight M1500 Rifles, Puma, Silma, Nikko, Escort Semi-Automatic Shotguns, Texas Safari Rifles, Mauser M98 Rifles and Actions.

Les Baer Custom
This company builds & sells custom 1911-style pistols and components, and AR 223 rifles.

Magnum Research, Inc.
These folks make the well-known Desert Eagle and Lone Eagle pistols, revolvers, rifles and barrels.

Majestic Arms, LTD.
These folks offer a neat little .22 survival rifle, Aluma-lite barrels for Ruger .22 rifles, tactical shotguns, and a cool speed strip kit for Ruger .22 auto pistols that eliminates all the hassle of fully tearing the gun down every time you want to clean it.

Marlin Firearms Co.
This is the Marlin company Web site. Marlin and Winchester have long been in competition for the lever-action rifle market. Me? I prefer Marlins.

Mech Tech Systems
This site offers a line of Carbine Conversion Units (CCU). Attach the frame of your semi-auto pistol to their unit, and viola - instant carbine!

O. F. Mossberg
Mossberg has been making guns since 1919. Most of them pretty good, and less expensive than those of other US gun makers.

These folks have been building 1911-style pistols for years, in both single-stack and hi-capacity models.

This company has been making quality rifles and shotguns since 1816.

Rossi Firearms
This company imports and brands revolvers, shotguns, and rifles from Brazil.

Ruger (Sturm, Ruger & Company)
This is one of the most innovative firearms manufacturing companies there ever was. Over the years, Bill Ruger did a lot for the firearms industry.

Sako Ltd.
This is a manufacturer of quality rifles, cartridges, and scope mounts. The company was established in 1921 and is situated in Riihimäki, Finland. Their rifles are very well-regarded in the shooting community. Owned and imported by Beretta USA.

Savage Arms
This is the site for Savage Arms, producer of some of the most unique guns in history.

SIG arms
The Official website for this popular gun manufacturer. Rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Smith & Wesson
These guys have been around for a long time. They gave Sam Colt his initial competition.

Springfield Armory
This company makes pistols, rifles, optics, accessories, and more.

SSK Industries
These folks make custom rifles, Contenders, Encores, and accessories. They have a very wide array of parts & services available.

Sturm, Ruger & Company
This is one of the most innovative firearms manufacturing companies ever. Over the years, Bill Ruger did a lot for the industry.

Taurus International
These folks make pistols and revolvers.

Thompson-Center Arms
These guys mainly make black-powder guns, but their single-shot high-powered handguns and carbines, the Contender and the Encore, are very popular.

Tikka Rifles
Tikka bolt-action rifles are built by Sako, in Riihimäki, Finland. They also make shotguns, scopes and scope mounts. Owned and imported by Beretta USA.

Better known for their inline muzzleloaders, they also make breech-loading shotguns.

Tristar Sporting Arms Ltd.
"Importer of Premium Italian Shotguns." Over & under and side-by-side scatterguns.

Uberti, USA
A nice site featuring some of Uberti's fine reproduction black powder and modern-cartridge guns.

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd.
This is a company that designs and builds semi-automatic versions of classic military machine guns.

These folks make guns and whatnot for defense, sport, and hunting.

This family-owned company makes quality rifles, shotguns, and ammo.

White Muzzleloading Rifles
Sidelock and inline muzzleloading rifles.

Wild West Guns
These folks are best known for their big-bore takedown lever-action rifles, which are actually customized Marlin lever guns.

Wilson Combat
The site for the well-known customizer of handguns. Parts & accessories for the Colt 1911, and other auto pistols.

This is another of the pioneering gun companies of the USA. Mainly rifles and shotguns.

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