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Taking Twin-Sticker: How a Dozen-Years' Journey Brought my Best Buck (So Far)


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Humble Beginnings
Photo of the Georgia hunting property in June of 2000.

Photo of the Georgia hunting property in early 2000, about seven months after I bagged my first deer there. I was only a guest, but I was a very happy one. This shows the open-ness of the property back then.

Photo © Russ Chastain
The year was 1997, and I didn't have much. Well, I actually had quite a bit in comparison with many folks, but not much of it was liquid. So when my friend Richard presented me with an opportunity to become a co-owner of some prime hunting land in central Georgia, I was in no position to participate. I was on the verge of selling my house and moving to the boonies in my native Florida, was about to see my mortgage debt increase while my income shrank, and had no extra cash nor anything of value to borrow against. And so the chance passed me by.

A couple of years later, Richard took me hunting on the place and I bagged a small doe. The place was largely bare because it had just been logged, my deer was not a large one, and I didn't see many deer on that trip - but I was hooked.

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