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Cuffsox Boot Socks With Built-in Cuffs

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Cuffsox boot sock with built-in cuff

Cuffsox boot sock with built-in cuff

Photo courtesy of Cuffsox, LLC.

The Bottom Line

I ran across Cuffsox socks at the SHOT Show, where the owner of the company was showing them off. I don't know about you, but I often find myself working outdoors wearing boots and shorts, and they had instant appeal.

I'll admit that I rarely, if ever, hunt in shorts, but I sure do a lot of work on my lease and camp in hot weather, and I appreciate the ability to run a chainsaw without filling my boots with sawdust, or to walk the woods without gathering a load of twigs and leaves.

These are pretty good socks. The elastic in the top of mine has loosened up a bit. Other than that, they've held up well.

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  • Built-in cuff helps keep debris out of your boots.
  • Made in USA.
  • Elastic in the arch area helps support the arch.
  • Heel and toe reinforced with nylon.


  • If you use them with boots that are the wrong height, they won't work.
  • The elastic at the top of mine has wimped out, after two summers of occasional use.
  • If you use them with a boot that's too short or tall, they won't work.


  • Acrylic/Nylon/Cotton/Polyester/Spandex boot sock with built-in cuff.
  • The cuff pulls down over your boot top to keep out debris.
  • Make sure you use them with the correct height boots, or else they won't work.

Guide Review - Cuffsox Boot Socks With Built-in Cuffs

Cuffsox are pretty good socks, and they work pretty well around the house (I have a wooded yard) and working at the hunting lease during warmer months.

Here in the south, it gets mighty hot, and wearing shorts helps keep the ol' body temp manageable. Whether I'm running a chainsaw or doing some other work at the hunting lease, it's easy for my boots to fill up with sawdust, twigs, leaves, and even little critters. Cuffsox helps keep them out.

Picture a sock higher than your boot. Now, picture it after you've folded the top of the sock down and stretched it over the boot. Now, imagine you have the top of your boot covered like that, but the sock is still snug on your leg above the boot. That's what Cuffsox accomplish.

They are made in the USA, which is a point in their favor. The elastic at the top of the socks has gotten wimpy after a couple seasons of occasional use, which is a point against them. All in all, though, they're pretty good, and the idea is certainly a good one. - Russ Chastain

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