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Books and Videos

Reviews of hunting and shooting books, along with sellers and publishers of books and videos on guns, hunting, shooting, etc.

Horn of the Hunter (review)
The story of the author's first African Safari, which he took with his wife. It was the beginning of a relationship between man and Africa that would last for years, and bring out the best in Robert Ruark's writing.

Hunting's Best Short Stories (review)
While I myself don't think all of them are "hunting's best," these short stories did hold my attention, which ain't always easy to do. Follow the above link to the review for more details.

Ken Waters' Pet Loads (review)
This is one of the most complete reference works you'll ever find for cartridge and load information for many different cartridges. Waters brings all the data down to Earth with his straight-talking manner.

Smoke Follows Beauty (review)
This collection of short stories is probably better left unread... follow the link to read why I think so.

The Lost Classics of Robert Ruark (review)
These Lost Classics (mainly old magazine articles and insightful texts) are extremely entertaining and enlightening. I recommend reading this book immediately prior to Horn of the Hunter, as I did this and was immensely pleased.

The Old Man and the Boy (review)
The best book on American hunting and fishing I've ever read. If common sense, nature and ethics interest you, this book is one you don't want to miss!

The Old Man's Boy Grows Older (review)
More great Ruark, on hunting, his grandfather, and life in general.

Trophy Whitetails of Illinois (review)
This book is more than just a state trophy listing, this book also covers such things as habitat improvement and hunting trophy whitetails.

The Ultimate Venison Cookbook (review)
Does this book have the recipes you desire? I'll bet it does...along with a lot more info. Check out this review or more!

White Death (review)
Check out this book about the infamous blizzard which hit the USA and Canada simultaneously in 1977. You may learn some good stuff about staying alive in nasty weather, and I think you'll be entertained, too.

Gun Show Books
This site is "an extensive resource of reading material all about guns." They certainly have a wide selection.

Quail Ridge Press
These folks offer some interesting books, including "The Complete Venison Cookbook" and "Following the Water, Working the Land." Cookbook Review

Sportsmen on Film
This site offers a wide array of hunting videos, including three featuring "Grits Gresham" on pheasant, goose, and duck hunting.

Sunrise Productions
Production & sales of instructional hunting & shooting videos.

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