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How to Decock/Uncock a Crossbow Using a Rope Cocking Aid


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Decock Your Crossbow!
Ready to pull the trigger to decock the crossbow.

Ready to pull the trigger to decock the crossbow.

Photo copyright Russ Chastain
I'm right-handed, and this photo shows how I decock my crossbow. Some folks might want to reverse the hands.

Place your foot in the stirrup of the crossbow! Do not forget that important step.

I hold the rope handle in my left hand and pull it snug but not super-tight, and hold it there, with my hand close to my body. With my right hand, I reach down and pull the crossbow's trigger. It goes "click" and the weight of the string is transferred to the hooks of the cocking device, which I am restraining with my left hand.

Then I slowly lower my left hand, still gripping the rope handle of course, allowing the crossbow string to move forward into the uncocked position.


You might expect there to be a lot of force pulling on your rope hand when decocking your crossbow, but it's really not bad. Decocking my crossbow takes less strength than cocking it.

-Russ Chastain

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