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Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 Slip-Top Locking 20 Round Ammunition Box

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Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 slip top locking 20 round ammunition box.

Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 slip top locking 20 round ammunition box.

Image courtesy of Battenfeld Technologies

The Bottom Line

The Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 locking slip-top ammo box is a good one, even though it's not perfect. I think it's the toughest twenty-round cartridge box I own, and definitely the most secure, but opening it can be a bit of a pain.

Multiple locking teeth allow it to be adjustable for height, so it can accommodate a variety of different cartridges. It's made of tough gray plastic, with some portions overmolded with black rubbery "soft touch" material. It's impact resistant, so if you drop this box, you probably won't have a problem.


  • Made of tough stuff: impact resistant and easy to grab.
  • Locks together, so it won't dump your ammo.
  • Foam cushion insert protects bullet tips and prevents rattling.
  • Accommodates a wide variety of ammunition cartridges.
  • Bottom of cartridge rests on rubbery stuff, so it's cushioned.


  • Made in China.
  • Can be difficult to open.
  • Pointed bullets will probably penetrate the thin bottom if you store ammo with the bullets down.
  • Comes with a difficult-to-remove sticker on it (they should have used different "stickum").


  • Slip-top ammo box; holds 20 rounds of rifle ammunition.
  • Holds many different cartridges, from small ones like 220 Swift, 222, and 223 on up to 358 Win, and even 45-70.
  • 270, 30-06, 308, 338-06, 35 Whelen, and similar cartridges will fit just fine.
  • RLG-20 model is available for magnum rifle ammo.
  • Made of tough gray plastic, overmolded with black rubbery non-slip material.
  • Top section locks to the bottom, so it won't come open accidentally.
  • Cushion inside the top protects bullet tips and prevents rattling.
  • Store ammo in this box with pointed bullets upward, so they won't penetrate the rubbery bottom of the box.
  • Made in China.

Guide Review - Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 Slip-Top Locking 20 Round Ammunition Box

The Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault RMD-20 slip-top locking 20 round ammunition box is a pretty good product. It holds 20 rounds of rifle ammo securely, and the best part is that the top will not accidentally come off. Heck, sometimes I have a hard time getting it off when I want to.

Many of us are familiar with slip-top plastic ammo boxes. You put ammo in the bottom portion, and a larger top section slides over that. They are usually tough and well-made, but when there's a sloppy fit between top and bottom (as I've experienced with MTM-Case Gard products), disaster can strike - as in, dumping your ammo out.

Losing your ammo is particularly aggravating when you have a variety of reloads that you're testing, and have them arranged "just so" in the box. Suddenly they're all dumped out and mixed up, and you're pretty much hosed. That won't happen with the Ammo Vault, because when the top portion slides over the bottom portion, grooves on the top engage with "teeth" in the bottom, to lock them together. No more rubber bands to mess with.

The Ammo Vault is made of gray plastic and a black rubber material. The holes for the ammo are square, and the bottoms of the holes are rubber only - no hard plastic. Inside the top is a layer of whitish foam padding, to prevent rattling and protect bullet tips when ammo is placed in the bottom section with the bullets pointing upward. It works pretty well, although it has sustained a tiny bit of damage (not enough to worry about) after being poked by ballistic-tip bullets for a couple of months.

Closing the box is simple - you simply slip the top over the bottom, and push down. They click together with a loud growl. Push down until it's snug. The multiple locking teeth allow it to have adjustable height, so a wide array of cartridges will fit.

Opening it is also simple, but for some reason it likes to fight me. On each side of the box top is a spot that says "press here." Grab the top between thumb and fore finger, mash those spots, and remove the top. Sometimes it slides right off, but more often I have to rock it from side to side as I squeeze and pull, moving it a notch at a time on the "teeth."

I think the Ammo Vault provides good protection for my ammo, and I plan to continue using it. I've been toting hand-loaded 338-06 groceries in it, which works fine. It also makes a good alternative to factory packaging when you're going anywhere rough.

More than once, I've seen factory styrofoam inserts and thin paper boxes with bullets driven through them from being bounced around. You're not going to drive a bullet through the top of the Ammo Vault - at least, not without firing it. But be warned - pointed bullets will probably poke through the bottom portion, which is all "rubber" with no tough plastic. When using the Ammo Vault, always store pointed bullets with the points up.

- Russ Chastain

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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