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Definition of Round (Ammunition, Ammo, Skeet)


A handgun with ammunition

One round of ammo, with a pistol in the background.

Daniel Grill/Getty Images

Definition: A round is a single piece of ammunition. It may be a metallic cartridge or a shotgun shell.

The term "sending rounds downrange" isn't really accurate, because at the instant when it's fired, a round ceases to be a round.

Chances are the term derived from the simple fact that almost all ammunition cartridges are cylindrical, and thus can be called round.

One may also refer to a 25-shot session of skeet shooting as a round.

- Russ Chastain

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Also Known As: Cartridge, shell, ammo, and ammunition are all used to mean round. SOme folks even say "bullet," but that is incorrect - the bullet is just the projectile.

Examples: "How many rounds are in that gun?" "How many rounds did you fire?"

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