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12/26/00 - Trophy Whitetails of Illinois
This book is more than just a state trophy listing.

12/20/00 - Shot Show, Here I Come!
I'm getting ready to head to New Orleans to see what's new for hunters & shooters.

12/11/00 - British Wax Jackets
This is a fine jacket for bird hunting and shooting, despite its shortcomings.

11/21/00 - Tetra Gun Lubricants
Yet another test & review of a high-tech gun lubricant. The good, the bad, and the smelly.

11/06/00 - Vote Your Guns
What I think about the USA Presidential election 2000.

10/18/00 - Load 'em Up!
Reloading ammunition is economical, practical, and fun. Here are some good reasons to try it, and what you'll need to do it with.

09/30/00 - Come Together!
Hunters unite! We can win the fight to preserve hunting if we get off our butts and get busy. Here's one we won.

09/17/00 - Deer Expert Software
This interesting software can help hunters determine how best to hunt deer.

08/28/00 - Getting Your Archery Gear in Shape
Here are some guidelines & tips for checking out your gear to make sure it'll perform well for you in the field.

07/29/00 - Dewey Rods & Bore Guide
These gun cleaning products, among others from J. Dewey Mfg, are among the best I've ever used.

07/19/00 - Whitetail Body Language
Here's how you can tell where your deer's hit... very useful when you think the hit is poor, and you don't want to push the deer (possibly losing him).

06/28/00 - Answer Products Gun Cleaning Kit
A test & review of this combination of solvents and methodology, which makes for some effective gun cleaning.

06/09/00 - Is the NRA Leadership Wimping out?
(Guide Extra)
So much for the steadfast gun lobby... the NRA seems to be becoming more and more like the politicians they hold in disdain.

06/09/00 - Lock & Load!
A review of an innovative tool for locking, loading, and removing the barrel bushing from semi-auto pistols.

05/10/00 - Critter Tracks
A collection of photos of various animal tracks, with comments to help you identify tracks in the woods.

04/04/00 - Clinton/Gore's All-out Assault on Gun Owners
Speak now or forever hide your piece! Clinton's latest stab at a legacy lands close to the heart of the American people.

03/14/00 - Sunrise River Custom Knives
These handmade knives are something else! If you've been wanting or needing a good hunting knife that'll last, check this out!

03/02/00 - Take a Kid Hunting
There are few things more rewarding than hunting with a kid. It also helps them learn to be safe with guns!

02/25/00 - The Purr-fect Thing
This turkey call kit is a great product for folks who use mouth calls often.

02/18/00 - Women Who Hunt
More & more women are hitting the woods these days to hunt, and I like this trend.

02/11/00 - El Paso Leather Pistol Caddy
This company makes more than just holsters; take a look at my review of their pistol cases.

02/04/00 - Clenzoil
This cleaner, lube & protectant does as well as any; see what my testing shows.

01/27/00 - Buying a Gun Online
Here are some tips & tricks to help ensure you get the best deal possible, and to let you know what to expect.

01/12/00 - Q&A: Hunters & Killing
Some questions and comments from users regarding my "Why do Hunters Kill?" article, along with my responses.

01/05/00 - Bear With Me
A few interesting Florida black bear encounters.

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