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Taurus Model 627SS Tracker 357 Magnum Revolver Review
By Dick Metcalf, Technical Editor, Shooting Times.

t’s been just about a year-long wait, but the Taurus Tracker series of 41 Magnum and 357 Magnum medium-frame, target-sighted revolvers for sport, field, and handgun hunting are now available in the original four-inch Total Titanium configuration as well as a just-introduced six-inch model plus new stainless-steel versions for those who prefer the additional weight of conventional steel. The full Tracker lineup now includes the five-shot 41 Magnum series in matte stainless, Shadow Gray finish titanium, or Stealth Gray finish titanium and the seven-shot 357 Magnum models in the same finishes. Barrel length choices are four or six inches in both chamberings. The variant I fired for this review was the Taurus Model 627SS Tracker 357 Magnum in stainless steel, with a six-inch barrel.

Unique features of the Tracker series include an integrally ported barrel design plus topstrap frame modifications to accommodate a heavy-duty precision-adjustable rear sight. And there is a new scope mount base for the six-inch models that is now available as an accessory item.

Other notable Tracker features include the “Yoke Detent” system originated for the Total Titanium snubnose line. This is a spring-loaded latch in the top of the yoke that ensures the cylinder remains tightly closed within the frame at the moment of fire and eliminates any latch point at the tip of the ejector rod.

Tracker grips are the patented Taurus Ribber design, which is very effective in absorbing recoil and increasing controllability. Direct handgun recoil slams the backstrap against the web of the palm and wedges the angle of the grip downward, working to break the shooter’s grasp. The Ribber grip’s backstrap is molded from a soft-textured elastomer rubber and is thickly cushioned around the reduced-dimension inner grip frame. The front and sides of the grip are formed by wrap-around, closely spaced small elastomer ribs. These softly flexible ribs deform and squeeze together when grasped, shaping themselves into natural “finger grooves” for the individual shape and surface of the palm and fingers of the specific hand. When released, they return to natural, ready for the next different grasp. The Ribber creates an individual “custom” finger groove fit, self-molded to the individual hand, every time you—or anybody—picks it up. Tracker sights incorporate a black Baughman-type front blade pinned into a heavy-duty ramp base, serrated with an inlaid florescent red visibility stripe. The heavy-duty, click-adjustable rear sight features flush-headed adjustment screws with clearly indicated directional markings, a broad flat sighting wall with a rear-angled surface to eliminate glare, and a crisp white-outline notch.

The distinctive Tracker “look” stems from the new-design barrel with its contoured full-profile underlug and four compensator ports sculpted into each upper side of the barrel below the front sight base—much as the ports on the massive Taurus .454 Casull Raging Bull. The entire barrel is styled as the Raging Bull, in fact, giving the Tracker the look of a scaled-down version of that bigger gun.

Shooting The Stainless-Steel
357 Magnum Tracker

I chronographed and accuracy-fired my review sample six-inch Model 627SS 357 Magnum stainless Tracker with five different makes and load configurations of ammunition, and I used one of Taurus’ accessory mount bases to install a Simmons 2.5-7X scope on the new stainless sixgun. Full shooting results are listed in the chart.

Taurus Stainless Tracker
357 Magnum DA Revolver
Distributor ...........Taurus International Mfg. Inc., 16175 NW. 49th Ave.
Miami, FL 33014
Model ...........................Tracker 627SS
Caliber ............................357 Magnum
Operation ..........Double action revolver
Barrel length...................... 6.00 inches
Overall length ..................11.25 inches
Weight, empty..................... 40 ounces
Sights .....Click-adjustable white-outline rear; Baughman-type
red-ramp blade front
Stocks ...................Taurus Ribber grips
Cylinder capacity ....................7 rounds
Finish........................... Matte stainless
Price ............Not available at presstime

As I had found with Taurus’ 357 Magnum Total Titanium Tracker, which I had reviewed almost a year ago, the combination of the soft, hand-conforming Ribber grips and the integral barrel porting makes the Tracker revolver extremely comfortable to fire and easy to control—even with the heaviest-recoil, full-power. And the accuracy of the new Tracker was also exceptional, again like my earlier experience with the first-run four-inch M627 Total Titanium 357 Magnum.

As the Taurus Tracker family continues to grow, both in the list of titanium and stainless-steel versions, I believe it will have great appeal to hunters and outdoorsmen of all types, given the high level of accuracy and performance and near-indestructible construction.

Taurus 357 Magnum
Stainless-Steel Tracker Performance

Factory Load
Remington 125-gr. BJHP
Federal 130-gr. Personal Defense
Hornady 140-gr. HP/XTP
Speer 158-gr. Gold Dot
Winchester 180-gr. PGH
Overall average accuracy 1.65
NOTES: The six-inch Model 627SS 357 Magnum was mounted with a Simmons 2.5-7X scope. Accuracy is the average of five seven-round groups fired from a sandbag benchrest at 50 yards. Velocity is the average of seven rounds measured 10 feet from the gun’s muzzle.

This article was originally published in Shooting Times magazine in 2001.

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