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Product Summary
Outlaw Whitetail Deer Decoy

Outlaw Whitetail Deer Decoy
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Looks pretty realistic.
•  Three different configurations.
•  Moveable tail.
•  Made of good tough stuff.
•  Sets up quickly and easily.
Cons  •  Awkward to carry.
•  Two-dimensional.
The Bottom Line - This decoy had me wondering at first, but I soon came around. Though it's awkward to carry, it's manageable under one arm, and I've carried it all right along with a rifle and a treestand. In the field, it looks quite real.

Outlaw's Web Site
Product Description
•  Two-dimensional whitetail deer decoy.
•  Can be configured as a buck with large or small antlers, or a doe.
•  Photo-quality image (on both sides) looks remarkably realistic.
Guide Review

A Pretty Good Decoy
This is the first deer decoy I've used. I've considered using a 3D deer archery target, but it's so bulky I never did. The Outlaw is easy to use and looks realistic. Large (4x4) or small (2x2) antlers are included, with plastic bolts & wing nuts for attachment. The tail moves and you can attach a line to it to make it wiggle, if you like.

The aluminum stake is shiny, and camo tape is included to cover it. This should have been done already, but it's easy enough to do. The surface has become a bit scratched, but it's pretty durable, and is made of tough plastic.

I wasn't able to lure any deer with it, but I don't blame the decoy. It performs as advertised, and as you can see by the photo below, it looks real enough to fool a human anyhow!

This is a pic of the decoy in a clearcut, about 35 yards from my stand. Looks pretty real to me.
(photo by Russ Chastain, all rights reserved)

Outlaw's Web Site
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