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Product Summary
Book - Horn of the Hunter

Horn of the Hunter,
by Robert Ruark

Guide Rating -
Pros • An honest and well-written tale.
• Illustrated by the author.
• Contains many insights on hunting and hunters.
Cons • I can't think of any!
The Bottom Line - A great read, sure to excite the imagination and fill the reader's head with visions of safari, in all its miserable ecstasy.

Product Description
The story of Ruark's first safari, which ignited a love for Africa that burned forever after.
Very well-written and honest -- sometimes brutally so.

Guide Review

Another Great by Ruark
Horn of the Hunter will reach you -- if you have any love of nature, any appreciation of hunting, any sense of wonder whatsoever, then it will reach down deep and grab something inside you. That's what I think anyhow, and I know it moved me -- and still does every time I re-read it.

Ruark's straightforward and often humorous style made him a very successful writer, and this book is a fine example of why he enjoyed such success. It is a tale of humility and vanity, of triumphs and failures -- but mostly of the utmost triumph of coming home healthy and alive, with some lessons learned along the way. Do yourself a favor and read The Lost Classics of Robert Ruark just before you read this book, you'll be glad you did.

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