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Product Summary
Fetch It

Fetch It
Guide Rating -
Pros • Easy to use.
• Performs as advertised.
• Compact, packs easily.
• Simple construction - not much to go wrong.
Cons • It's a bit heavy to tote in your pocket.
The Bottom Line - This is a handy tool for anyone who's ever dropped anything from a tree stand. I was a tad leery at first... until I put it to work!

Product Description
Not to be used to hoist firearms or bows!
Use it to retrieve dropped items when hunting deer from a tree stand.
Rubber tips help it grip item and won't cause scratches.
Easy to use: Tie to rope, cock it, lower it, drop it, retrieve item.

Guide Review

Fetch It Does!
This modified wire whisk is the brainchild of Al McCloy, and it's a good one. Whatever inspired him to make the first Fetch It deserves some reverence -- this is ingenuity at its finest.

One boring afternoon during deer season, I tried it out. I fetched my cable and padlock (2 out of 2 times), a wool glove (1 out of 2), a bottle of doe pee (2 for 2), a camo headnet twice (once when hung up in a small tree!), a muzzleloader "speed loader" (2 out of 2), and a medium-sized Bison 2C flashlight. I got the light 3 out of 5 tries -- one miss due to a small tree.

Then I went after pine cones buried in pine needles. Four tries yielded three pine cones -- one of them was buried so deeply it took two tries to unearth it.

This is a great product, and I wish it were still being manufactured.

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