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Militec-1 is Good Stuff

I was recently introduced to a new type of lubricant. It's called Militec-1, billed as a "synthetic molecular bonding" metal conditioner. After reading a lot of glowing testimonials, I immediately set about testing this stuff.

Starting Point

I thoroughly de-greased my stainless Colt Lightweight Commander 45 auto and applied Militec-1. Prior to trying the Militec I had used FP-10 (read a review on FP-10 here), which, while it is a great lubricant and protectant, didn't help me at all last time I cleaned it. I removed all previous lubrication with rubbing alcohol, let it dry and lubed it up with Militec-1.

I applied it to the bore and to the loading ramp, and it seems to load a bit smoother now. I applied it to all bearing surfaces, and to the only carbon steel on the frame, the mainspring housing. I also applied it to my Mossberg model 9200 autoloading shotgun prior to using it at a recent dove hunt. Here are the company claims for the product, compared with what my experience showed me:

Reduces Friction and Delivers Constant Lubrication.

From what I can see, this is undoubtedly true. After much carrying, a few field-strippings, and about 125 rounds, the Colt remained well-lubed, though there was not any excess liquid evident. The claim is that this stuff soaks into the pores of the metal, and from the way it stays on the gun, I believe it.

I fired about 130 shells through the Mossberg, and found the action well-lubed when I cleaned it afterward. Strangely, the alloy frame on my Colt feels "slicker" than the stainless steel of the slide, almost as if the Militec-1 soaked into the alloy more readily than into the stainless (which would be good, as aluminum alloy, being softer than steel, needs lubing more than steel).

Even after a week and 100+ rounds through the Colt and running a brush through 5 or 6 times, I could still smell the Militec-1 inside the bore. This stuff has staying power!

Point to remember with this stuff: a little bit goes a long way. Wipe off excess Militec-1 when you're done applying it, it doesn't need to be thickly coated at all.

Reduces Jamming

I can't say that this is definitely true, but I didn't have a jam of any kind while using it. I don't remember those guns jamming before I applied it either, though.

Increases Muzzle Velocity and Accuracy

This is another that I can't swear to. Although, comparing groups I shot before I applied Militec-1 to those I shot after, I will say that it's probable that velocity was increased, as my new groups were a bit lower.

I know it sounds odd, but here's now it works: You fire a handgun, and the muzzle rises. This begins even before the bullet has left the barrel. When you increase the velocity (speed) of the bullet, it stays in the barrel for less time, and consequently leaves the gun before the barrel rises as much. Therefore, it hits lower than a slower bullet. I shot both the high and low groups with the same box of ammo, by the way.

Be careful with this stuff; if you have fixed sights and you like where they're putting your groups, it may be smart to stick with conventional lubes for the bore of your gun. I didn't see any notable increase in accuracy myself, but this gun does pretty well on its own.

Reduces Wear

Refer to the "Reduces Friction..." claim above.

Inhibits Corrosion

Yep, it does. But so does 3-in-1, or any decent gun oil. The difference is, Militec-1 stays where you put it longer. It just doesn't dry off as quickly, and that means you get better protection.

I applied it to the mainspring housing on the Colt, which is basically the bottom of the backstrap on the grip. This is the only blued steel on the gun, and it was prone to rust after a few days of handling. After applying Militec-1, I didn't see any rust on it for quite a while.

Reduces Material Buildup, Easier Cleaning

This is true, also. My first opportunity to shoot the Colt after applying Militec-1 only amounted to about 18 rounds, and all the fouling (which wasn't much) wiped right off of the face of the bolt, loading ramp... everywhere, really, using my finger and a paper towel. The only semi-stubborn stuff was right at the chamber end of the rifling, which easily came clean with a patch lightly dampened with Militec-1.

After shooting on Sunday, I didn't clean it until Wednesday. Again, fouling wiped right off of almost every surface. The only stubborn grime was on the bolt face, and even Hoppes No. 9 had trouble with that. I think it was the powder in the Mexican ammo I was shooting. The shotgun was similarly lightly fouled and easy to clean. Militec-1 doesn't seem to attract dirt and grime at all.

Highly Concentrated and Long-Lasting

This may be the best thing about Militec-1. It runs about $4 for an ounce of the stuff, but it goes a heck of a lot farther than any gun oil I've ever used.

I used a 2"x2" patch to apply it to the bore of the Colt, and for many months afterward I used that same patch to wipe down various other blued-steel guns for rust prevention, before the patch became too tattered to continue using it. I've found it to go several times as far as conventional gun oils, and it takes more handling before re-application is necessary.

- Russ Chastain

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