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The Cost of Liberty

We must stand up, and speak up.

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Forum Discussion
Aussie Munslow says:
"The politicians and media were able to thrust these laws onto shooters because they were disorganized - few were in shooting clubs and most are too lazy to write letters of complaint to politicians and newspapers. Americans need to learn from our experiences."

Around two and one-quarter centuries ago, a document called the Declaration of Independence was adopted in the soon-to-be United States of America. The anniversary of that notable date is rapidly approaching, and is something America will celebrate with gusto, for the most part without acknowledging just how far we've strayed from the path our Founding Fathers chose for this nation at its birth.

While the kids run around the yard gleefully waving sparklers in the air, while folks gather in public places or before their television sets to watch the big fireworks shows, how many Americans will be thinking about the course our nation is taking, and how it compares with the direction which was intended at its founding? Not enough - not nearly enough.

Assaults on our rights have been ever-more-disguised since the World Trade Center collapse, with talk of "homeland security" thinly shrouding attempts to further strip us of civil liberty. And every bit of this is presented to the voting public by a news media with a strong bias and an obvious agenda. Human rights in the USA are threatened as never before in our history - but throughout world history, this same type of thing has happened many times... something of which we need to remain aware.

We Are Not Immune

We Americans look at two hundred twenty-five years as a big chunk of time, and without a doubt it's more than a few generations' worth. We also tend to consider ourselves as somehow immune to the rules of history and of human nature. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Without getting into a long-winded tirade on human nature and the corruptive influence of power, I'm trying to make a point: We Americans are in no way, shape, or form immune to tyranny or the pitfalls of the human animal. Without our Constitution (the centerpiece of our government, in theory if not reality), this nation would have fallen long ago. As it is, we're teetering on the brink... if we continue to allow the gutting of the Constitution, we will plummet down the chasm, with no available remedy (short of all-out revolution) to restore our former liberties.

I don't like this situation any more than you do - I'd dearly love to forget all about corrupt politicians and closet Socialists, the United Nations and the New World Order and just let things take care of themselves. That course, however, is one of folly. At its founding, the USA was meant to be run by the people. We were not expected to put the fate of our nation in the hands of a few elitists, nor were we expected to be ignorant to the workings of our government and/or the actions of its elected officials - but that is where we stand today, for the most part.

Now, I know nobody likes to be branded ignorant, but if you're depending solely on the mainstream news media to keep you informed, you are just that - for the reason that they will not tell you the unfettered truth. It just won't happen. So please, lay aside any resentment of my language, and consider my proposed course of action.

Activism for Hermits

As I said, I'm not a natural-born activist - I'd rather just keep to myself and be left alone, just like most other people. But that's not working, and in fact is aiding and abetting those meddlers who would see us no longer free. Every one of us needs to learn as much as we can about our elected officials, both at election time and during their time in office. We need to look to other sources of information than the traditional TV news and newspapers. We need to become as informed as we can possibly be, and then act on that information. Whether the action to be taken is lobbying for or against proposed legislation, campaigning for a particular candidate, signing and mailing those postcards or Emails to Congress when the GOA calls upon you, or simply debunking media propaganda to your friends and family, we need to act - without fail, and without exception.

No longer can we send our money to the NRA and feel like we've done our part. No longer can we just assume that groups like the NRA are fighting for us one hundred percent without questioning their stances on the issues (they are actually turncoats, for the most part). No longer can we vote every few years and then go home to the couch, calling our involvement in our government "done" until the next election. That's what the enemies of liberty (yes, those who attack our rights are our enemies, that's a fact, not a scare tactic) want and expect from us. We're fools if we give it to them.

Republic, not Democracy

Without our Constitution, we will, at best, become what many folks think this country is supposed to be - a Democracy (a form of government historically doomed to failure, by the way). If we are able to preserve that weighty document, we may indeed remain (read: become again) a Constitutional Republic... but not without a fight.

The historical Supreme Court decision damning the Washington, D.C. gun ban and affirming that the Second Amendment does indeed protect an individual right is a good thing... but I don't expect it to magically end anti-gun laws and further restrictions on our rights.

Still think our government is above reproach, and we have nothing whatsoever to worry about? Consider, then, that the Pledge of Allegiance was penned by a known Socialist, and that some school systems (hmmm, part of government) are doing their best to require children to recite it. It's not even clear what one is pledging allegiance to: the Constitutional Republic that represents liberty and justice for all, or to the government in its present form. The former, I'll pledge to; the latter, I won't.

Think About it... and Then, Take Action

All this to say: Fellow Americans, please consider our nation, its roots, and its problems when you fire off the roman candles and bottle rockets on Independence Day. Then do something about it if you feel it's important. If you don't, you're merely hastening the end of all you've known and held dear, including your freedom of expression, your guns and with them your right to hunt.

-Russ Chastain

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