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Clinton/Gore's All-out Assault on Gun Owners

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Non-Enforcement of Existing Laws

The underlying theme in the Clinton-Gore assault on gun owners seems to be a combination of blatantly refusing to enforce existing laws, while showcasing and exploiting individual tragedies. By doing this, they are attempting to terrorize voters into believing that we, the gun-owning, law-abiding public, are to blame for each and every death and injury relating to guns.

The NRA has long been in favor of strong sentencing for crimes involving guns. If a criminal uses a gun in say, a robbery, then tack a mandatory sentence (ten years, for example) on to any resulting robbery sentence, just because a gun was used. Will Clinton and his Federales enforce such laws? They have shown that they will not. The result? More criminals are realizing that they can freely use guns in crimes, and if caught face only minimal penalties. This has led to more widespread use of guns by criminals, increasing anxiety and fear among the public. Perfect for anyone planning to strip the public of gun rights!

The media appears to be playing right along with the anti-gun agenda. Besides the seemingly few journalists whose concerns are obviously for the public safety, we're seeing an alarming increase in strongly biased, "take all the guns away, that oughta fix it" coverage of gun-related crimes. This serves to further panic and confuse the uninformed public, who only want to live safe, secure lives, and are often unsure of the best way to attain that goal.

Intended Results

Quite obviously, the intended end result of all of this is the removal of guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens in the U.S. Through poorly-disguised, unconstitutional means such as trigger locks and gun registration, our current leaders are leading the voters of the U.S. down the garden path of dictatorship and destruction.

Do a little research on our Founding Fathers and their respective schools of thought, and you will find that their intention was clear: Armed people are citizens, while unarmed people are subjects. This has been proven many times in history... must it be repeated at this time and place? How could our own country have won its independence without armed citizens to stand up against the oppression of the Crown? Are we not approaching a similarly oppressed state of the nation?

What You Can Do

Do what you can, and do it now! Do it repeatedly and often. Do what? Contact your Senators and Congressmen. This is easily done, given a proper source of info. Fortunately for us, a friend alerted me to a great site, Contacting the Congress, which provides contact info for all fifty states and then some. Send an Email, make a phone call, send a letter. Then, do it again every time you see or hear about an anti-gun scheme being hailed as a cure-all for criminal violence.

Deliver your message in simple terms - No new gun control! Demand the prosecution of violent criminals and drug dealers with guns. Let them know you've had it with Clinton-Gore's extortion and lies. Demand that congress stand by our rights and vote down anti-gun legislation. And let them know that you'll remember what they do, when the November elections roll around.

Votes are taking place in congress now, and they need to know that we care! Don't hesitate! You're not alone in this! The members of the NRA and the NRA-ILA are writing and calling also, as are those of many other groups. I just joined the Gun Owner's Task Force yesterday due to a call from Rep. Tom DeLay (R) (TX) and there are many other grassroots groups working against the anti-gun movement.

Ignorance and fear are our worst enemy! Help educate your friends and co-workers. Ask them, and everyone you know, to join us in the fight to retain our rights to freedom and self-defense!

- Russ Chastain

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