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Tower Style Box Stand Plans Review

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Page 19 of Tower Style Box Stand Plans

This is page 19 of the Tower Style Box Stand Plans booklet.

Robert Pittman

The Bottom Line

These tower style box stand plans are well-thought-out and very thorough. The booklet is 24 pages long, and is filled with good illustrations to help you understand the text. The vagueness I mentioned in the instructions is really quite minor and is on the "Final Assembly" page... and anyone who has gotten that far should be able to figure it out easily. The resulting stand looks to be a very stable platform indeed, with a nice weatherproof box atop a structure with a ten-by-ten footprint.


  • Easy to read and follow and well-illustrated.
  • Includes tips on customizing your stand.
  • Looks like a good design.


  • Material list omits roofing material, which is mentioned later in the text.
  • Thorough instructions get more vague towards the end.


  • Plans for a tower-style box stand for hunting.
  • 24-page booklet contains thorough instructions and illustrations.
  • Illustrations are nice, clean, computer-generated images with notes and, often, dimensions.
  • Contains many practical tips, and includes an "options" page.
  • I recommend you read the entire booklet before you begin.
  • Designed "so that anyone who could read and use a tape measure would be able to build a... stand."
  • Table of contents makes for quick and easy reference.
  • Anyone who likes to build stuff will enjoy these plans.

Guide Review - Tower Style Box Stand Plans Review

Make a Stand!

I have never seen a more thorough set of plans for making any stand, let alone a box type tower stand like this one. Depending on your skill level and time available, this stand could be built in one day, or spread across several evenings after work. The only real grunt will be getting the pre-built sections and other tools & materials to the stand site, and standing it up when you get the tower built.

If I had a place to put such a stand, I would lean heavily on these plans as I built one. I know a little about working with lumber and I could build one from scratch, but these plans make it easy for anyone to do so, and if I designed my own stand I would not hesitate to employ features of this stand in mine. I would most likely increase the size of the window and perhaps the door, and this is easily accomplished, even by someone with little building experience.

I highly recommend these very thorough plans for anyone thinking of building a tower style box stand. Build your stand entirely to these specs, or change the little things to suit yourself - either way, the ideas and insight in this booklet are well worth the $9.95 that it costs.

NOTE: Unfortunately, it appears that the publisher of these plans is no longer offering them - at least, I can no longer find them online, so I must remove the link. Bummer. If you know where they can be found, please let me know.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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