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XS Sights Ghost-Ring Aperture Set for Marlin 1895

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The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, XS Sights puts a lot of time and effort into their products. I think this is one that could have benefited from a bit more refinement, but is still an excellent setup for a close-quarters hunting rifle - quite possibly the best non-optical sighting solution on the market today for these rifles.

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  • Tough, and easy to install.
  • White-on-black front sight creates instant contrast for sighting against any background.
  • Comes with plastic drift, thread locker, and thorough installation instructions


  • Rear sight held on by just one mounting screw, with a stud in the other mounting hole to align it.
  • Windage adjustment screws are a bit soft (the head on one of mine is hosed).
  • Sights stick up higher than necessary - lower sight plane would be preferable.


  • XS item number ML-0013-5.
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions, with common-sense gun safety rules that we all should follow.
  • My set included front & rear sights, plastic drift for old sight removal, and two apertures.
  • Included aperture sizes are 0.230" and 0.191".
  • Thread locking adhesive is included, but I did not use it. The Sur-Lok 1262 says it is permanent.
  • Sights are tough and rugged, though I wish they had a lower profile.
  • This set will work with XS Lever Scout Scope Mount, item number 28-2141A-095-1 (sold separately).
  • White-on-black front sight creates instant contrast for sighting on any background, in any light.
  • Large rear aperture allows a wide field of view.

Guide Review - XS Sights Ghost-Ring Aperture Set for Marlin 1895

This set from XS Sights is the best I've seen for close-quarters hunting with Marlin lever-action big bore rifles. Item number ML-0013-5, it fits the 1895 and Guide Gun Models, as well as Marlins in 450 Marlin and 444 Marlin (Model 444).

Installation was a breeze, and the set even includes a plastic drift for removal of dovetailed factory sights. I did find that in one case the plastic drift was too soft to move a stubborn sight, so I used a brass drift that I had in my gear.

I did not use the provided thread-locking adhesive, as I have seen the tenacity of such products and don't wish to fight them, should I decide to change the sights or add a scope at a later date.

Once installed, sight adjustment is easy and straightforward. I did have trouble with the slot in one windage screw, which seemed a bit soft and was damaged by my screwdriver blade. Once adjusted, I found the setup easy to shoot and quite accurate.

I have always loved peep sights for hunting, especially in close quarters. They work well as far as you can identify your target with your naked eye, and you will not find a faster practical sighting system.

I do wish the sights were lower, which would do double-duty - it would keep them closer to the gun and less apt to be clobbered, and it would also make for lower, more natural head placement when sighting. But if they were lower, they possibly wouldn't work as backup sights with the XS Lever Scout Scope Mount.

All in all, this set provides very good and well-designed sights, which I enjoy using.


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