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Custom Cable Knife by Appalachian Custom Knife Works

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Cable Knife by David Mercer

Cable Knife by Appalachian Custom Knife Works. Forged cable blade, scrimshaw, custom leather sheath.

Russ Chastain

The Bottom Line

This well-made hunting knife is a wonder to behold. The highly unique blade is made of hand-forged cable, which really looks good, and is good steel to boot. The whitetail deer antler handle has a scrimshawed bear paw on its base, and the handmade leather sheath fits like a glove and looks good while protecting the knife. All in all, an excellent knife showing excellent craftsmanship.


  • Forged cable blade has an interesting damascus-steel look.
  • Looks great, feels great, and sharpens easily.
  • Handmade leather sheath is unique, attractive, and practical.


  • Fairly soft steel doesn't hold an edge for long.
  • Meant for light work - not strong enough for heavy quartering involving prying & hacking.


  • Hammer-forged cable makes up the blade of this custom knife.
  • Blade is just over 3.5 inches long.
  • This shows just one possibility - all Appalachian Custom Knives are custom-made from scratch.
  • Expect to wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your new knife, since he will have to build it first.
  • Scrimshaw bear paw on the antler base adds flair and is well-done.
  • Handmade leather sheath is unique, attractive, and practical.

Guide Review - Custom Cable Knife by Appalachian Custom Knife Works

From time to time, something outstanding will catch my eye... and in this case, capture my imagination as well.

This custom-made, one-of-a-kind knife was made by David Mercer of Appalachian Custom Knife Works. The blade is made of hammer-forged cable, and gives the blade a damascus-steel look. I get a lot of enjoyment by showing it to new folks and asking them what they think the blade is made of. They usually give the same answer I did when I first saw it: "Ummmm... I don't know. What?" The answer always spurs a closer examination.

The shape of the blade is just right, and the diagonal "grain" of the forged cable makes for pleasant contrast. The curve of the whitetail deer antler handle fits my right hand well, and feels good - as it should.

The scrimshawed bear paw is a nice touch. The handmade leather sheath is really well-made - the stitching is straight and even, the snap looks and works great, and the design is quite efficient as well.

My only complaint about this knife is that it doesn't hold an edge like some of my other knives do. But that is really a minor concern, since it's so easy to sharpen this blade. I have used it to de-bone and pack the meat from several wild hogs, and I don't like to be without it on a hunt.

If you're interested in a custom cable-blade knife - you can get one like this, or something entirely unique - contact David Mercer:

David Mercer - Appalachian Custom Knife Works - Route 4 Box 52 - Metz, WV 26585 - ackworks1@aol.com - 304-986-2160

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