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Hunting's Best Short Stories

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Hunting's Best Short Stories

Hunting's Best Short Stories, edited by Paul D. Staudohar

Independent Publishers Group

The Bottom Line

This is an enjoyable book, for the most part. While I wouldn't say that its contents exemplify the best short stories about hunting, it did hold my interest, which is not always easy to do.
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  • Contains 21 short stories.
  • Offers various viewpoints on hunting.
  • Includes stories by well-known authors.


  • Not all stories are about hunting.
  • Some are far from positive.
  • Roughly half the stories turned me off.


  • Not all stories are about hunting, although hunting is present in them.
  • Includes works by Hemingway, de Maupassant, and other respected authors.
  • Includes some very interesting tales that stand out from the rest.

Guide Review - Hunting's Best Short Stories

Hunting's Best Short Stories doesn't quite live up to its name, though it contains some stories that I would call "best." I just wish it included more of that caliber.

I am a re-reader of books that I enjoy, and I've read some books many times. This book is partially re-readable by my standards, which is as good a method of comparison as any. Some I didn't care for at all, others are eminently re-readable.

Hunting's Best Short Stories starts and ends well, both tales involving elderly hunters leaving behind their passions, albeit in very different ways. The "meat" between these enjoyable slices is split, in terms of its appeal to me. Then again, I've been told more than once that I am not easy to please when it comes to reading material.

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