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A reader request inspired me to write this article.

Where should you shoot a wild hog? Wherever you can find it, of course... but beyond that, where is the "kill zone" and just how big is it? This article answers those questions, and others. Also includes discussion of suitable guns & ammo.

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December 27, 2009 at 3:26 pm
(1) Larry G says:

I am extremely satisfied with my Rem. .270 as a deer rifle and hog gun. I have shot deer at several hundred yards out in Wyoming and hogs at 5o yards in Florida. I am not able to spend alot of money on my guns but the .270 knocks ‘em down with ease. It only drops 9 inches at 500 vs the 30.06 which drops 3 feet! I use 150 grain Walmart ammo and when ever possible shoot for the brain stem in the neck which drops ‘em immediately. It is for all intents and purposes it is a point and shoot weapon. Vietnam sniping was made easier using this simular platform and is very reliable. Great gun!

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